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Vinyl flooring installation
in Los Angeles

Our team has successfully installed resilient flooring for several clients throughout the Los Angeles area. Our professional installers make sure you receive long-term durability with each completed project. We always make sure we go beyond our client’s expectations. Resilient type of flooring is also known as vinyl flooring. Sheet vinyl, vinyl composition tile, rubber flooring, linoleum, luxury vinyl tile and sports flooring all fall under this category as well.

This type of flooring is created from certain natural and synthetic materials. It is a highly engineered combination of polymer materials. Polymers help increase strength and durability in the flooring. Not only do we use the best quality flooring, but our team also uses the best techniques and methods of installation.

There are many benefits of resilient flooring that other types of flooring do not. One of the top benefits is the unlimited possibilities of style and design.

Almost any pattern, color or combination of the two can be created. This allows for much décor and style flexibility, which many people love. Resilient flooring can also be made to imitate natural stones and woods. This flooring can also be created with wearlayer protectants which help minimize scratching, stains and scuffs. Resilient flooring is easy to maintain and provides a smooth surface that is free from cracks. This means easy cleanup and less dirt, dust and messes in hard to reach places.

Manufacturers we work with:

  • Armstrong
  • Johnsonite
  • Mannington
  • Burke Industries
  • Roppe
  • Altro Floors
  • Forbo
  • Mats Inc
  • Nora
  • Mondo
  • Upofloor
  • Ecore

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